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Your choice of a bamboo cup, natural coconut or two-tone coconut shell available in over 60 spiritual scents. All our candles are eco-friendly, burn clean, have a lasting burn time of up to 50 hours.
Candle Making Kit Coconut - Starter DIY Kit With Coco Soy Wax Blend & 60ml Fragrance
Looking for a fun and unique way to get crafty? Check out our coconut candle making kit! This DIY starter kit is the perfect introduction to candle making, and you'll love getting to use beautiful natural coconut cups in the...
$61.00 $47.00
Crystal Candle Making Kit - Starter DIY Kit With Coconut Soy Wax & 60ml Scent
Make your own crystal candle for an extra touch of beauty and style in your home. All the materials are included in this DIY kit, including a beautiful natural coconut cup, fragrance oil and an assortment of healing crystals to...
$67.00 from $57.00
Crystal Zodiac Candles Inc Zodiac Crystals
Introducing our new Crystal Zodiac Candles! Each candle is hand poured using our in house coco soy blend wax, and features a beautiful bamboo cup with an embossed zodiac sign and zodiac crystals. These candles make the perfect spiritual addition...
$34.00 $27.00
Candle Making Kit Coconut - Starter DIY Kit Without Wax Includes 30ml Fragrance
This DIY starter kit includes everything you need to get started, including beautiful natural coconut cups. With a few simple steps, you can create stunning candles that are perfect for gifts or home decoration. So gather your friends, family, or...
$47.00 $34.00
Honey Calcite (Positive Energy) Crystal Coconut Candle - 8 Pack
Our Honey Calcite Coconut Candle is perfect for boosting positive energy and cleansing. Its calming properties are great for diffusing with aromatherapy, and the warm ambient light makes it a lovely addition to your bedside table or altar. The crystal...
Twin Coconut Shell Candle
  Calm your mind and elevate your space with our handcrafted candles. Choose from over 20 spiritual scents that will bring a newfound warmth and depth to your abode. And what's better than one candle? Two candles! Ensure your favourite fragrance...
$54.00 $47.00
Bamboo Scent Infused Coconut Shell Candles
Enjoy the warm ambient light and tropical scent of our bamboo infused coconut candles that will quickly turn your home into a tranquil paradise. Featuring your choice of a natural coconut or two-tone coconut shell, hand poured coconut soy wax and a crackling wooden wick,...
$27.00 $25.00
Unwind The Mind Range Bamboo Cup Candles
Elevate your space and calm your mind with the fragrant warmth of our handcrafted candles. Choose from a range of spiritual scents that will bring a newfound warmth and depth to your abode, from calming Lavender and Ylang to refreshing...
$24.00 $19.00
Coconut Shell Candle Mini Bundle Set of 4
Our CocoSoy Candles Mini Bundle Set of 4 are designed to amplify your chosen scent through every corner of your home. Place one in your bedroom, living room, bathroom and kitchen for a beautifully smelling home from corner to corner!...
$78.00 $54.00
Labradorite (Transformation) Crystal Coconut Candle - 8 Pack
Get ready for a magical transformation of your day with our Labradorite Crystal Coconut Candle candles. Just pop one in the candle holder, light it, and it will emit a warm ambient light. Perfect for lighting up your meditation space...
Citrine (Energy boost) Crystal Coconut Candle - x 8 Pack
Warm up your day with our Citrine Crystal Coconut Candle. These beautiful candles emanate a warm ambient light and are perfect for moments of reflection throughout the day. Citrine, known for its positive energy boost, will help you feel more...
Himalayan Quartz (Transformation) Crystal Coconut Candle - 8 Pack
Wholesale Pack includes 8 Candles x $26 each (select additional size options for further savings below).Banish the blues with our Himalayan Quartz Crystal Coconut Candle. This powerful crystal will work as your inner teacher, allowing you to connect to your...
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