Coconut Bowl Sets

Kick start your sustainable living with our CocoBowlz™ sets of eco-friendly coconut bowls, spoons, forks, and chopsticks. They don't just look and feel beautiful, they also reduce plastic waste.

Our coconut bowl sets are products of nature and made from real coconuts – individually handcrafted by craftsmen and women. Shop them now and you’ll be supporting the livelihoods of local artisans.

Coconut Shell Bowl + Spoon Combo
This combo includes: 1 x 12-14cm Natural Polished CocoBowlz™ 1 x Coconut Palm Wood Spoon This Natural Polished CocoBowlz™ coconut shell bowl is made by hand, crafting a reclaimed coconut shell that might otherwise have gone to waste. Our beautiful Coconut Palm Wood Spoons are...
$25.95 from $15.95
Mini Bamboo Coconut Candles Fruit Infused Range
Free mini bamboo cup candle on all Coco Bowlz Kitchenware orders over $59.95 for a limited time only, simply add this product to your cart to receive your complimentary gift with purchase. Enjoy the warm ambient light and tropical scent of our fruit infused...
$39.95 $25.95
CocoBowlz™ Coconut Bowl Gift Set + Free Straw Bundle
 The perfect gift set for those who enjoy natural and organic food, beautifully presented. Whether for yourself or as a gift, this set includes everything you need to dial up your dining experience! GIFT SET FOR (1) combo includes: 1...
$39.95 from $29.95
Coconut Shell Bowls + Palm Wood Forks Combo Set
Mix and match with this original and natural set: 1 x original polished CocoBowlz™ coconut shell bowl 1 x natural polished CocoBowlz™ coconut shell bowl 2 x coconut palm wood forks Every CocoBowlz™ coconut shell bowl is made by hand-crafting a reclaimed coconut...
$25.95 $15.95
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