Coco Candles

Discover our exclusive collection of candles designed to enhance your well-being, attract positivity, and manifest your desires. Each candle is thoughtfully crafted with unique scents and powerful crystals to promote self-love, happiness, success, health, peace, spiritual growth, love, abundance, and personal transformation. 

Light up your life with our Self Love, Ultimate Happiness, Fame and Fortune, Health and Wellness, Peace of Mind, The Power of Prayers, Attract Twin Flame, Multiple Orgasms, Sexual Magnet, Attract Love, Attract Money, and Manifest Your Dreams candles. Illuminate your path to a brighter, more fulfilling life. Explore our collection today!

Ultimate Happiness
Starts with you – Light this handle for ultimate happiness. Practice and promote happiness in order to lead a fulfilling life and be on your way to positive emotional state characterized by feelings of contentment, joy, and satisfaction.Develop a sense...
The Power of Prayers
Make prayer part of your daily routine 15 min a day is all you need. A powerful way to draw strength and power into your mind and life. Start your day in silence and stillness, light your The Power Of...
Peace of Mind
Be at Peace with every light – Learn to switch your state of mind to be at Peace – Bring calmness and ease untroubled worries behind you. Peace Of Mind candle will create the ultimate mood inspired atmosphere in any...
Sexual Magnet
Have you a desire to become a seductive sex magnet – Train your mine to become a horny sex magnet with this Sexual Magnet Candle. Improve your inner confidence, physical appearance, social and communication skills, emotional connections with this Sexual...
Self Love
Self-love is an important aspect of personal growth, happiness, and overall well-being. When lighting your self love candle you will start accepting and appreciating oneself, including both strengths and weaknesses. Loving your self will improve your mental health, increased self-confidence,...
Multiple Orgasms
If you have never experienced an Orgasm, you sure hell about to experience Multiple Orgasms.You and your lover will experience Intense feelings of pleasure with every light. Explore your partner by creating fun, steamy hot pleasurable sexual activities that will...
Mainifest Your Dreams
Manifest your dreams into reality. Manifestation is based on the lay of attraction - Manifest Your Dreams candle with provide the ability to bring things into reality through energetic attractions. Believe in yourself and your abilities with a positive mind...
Health & Wellness
Fast track to a better mind, body and soul with this Health and Wellness candle.Free your self from illness, injuries and diseases with every light of your natural eco friendly toxic free candle. Health and Wellness candle will help develop...
Frame And Fortune
Become a phenomenon with Fame and Fortune candle - Invite fame, fortune and recognition for yourself or your project. EXTREME Fame and Becoming FamousMatched with: CitrineGreen Aventure, Pyrite, JasperProperties: Brings luck and prosperity, Lends light and lifeScent: Bermagot and PatchouliWe...
Attract Twin Flame
Light the flame baby – Attract and find a deep and intense connection with your twin flame.A mirror soul - Two halves of the same destined to reunite in profound and transformative. Form a connection between you and your twin...
Attract Money
The law of attraction is the law of money - Lure those banknote in no time - Attract Prosperity, Abundance and Wealth of Opportunity with the Attract Money Candle. By cultivating a positive mindset, setting clear financial goals money will...
Attract Love
The law of attraction - Love almost always puts you at a complete standstill, whether it’s the never-ending supply of love songs or the feeling you get whenever you hear the name of your romantic interest. Attract Love candle will...
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